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What is the current Meta algorithm?

If you are a frequent social media user, you will have seen that we receive notifications from each platform, often with upcoming changes. Sometimes your feed is filled with posts from the people you follow, and at other times you become lost in posts from unfamiliar influencers and brands as you scroll down. All of this has to do with a term called ‘algorithm’. But how do you keep track in this ever-changing social media world? What is the current algorithm? 

Social media algorithms are a way of sorting posts in a user’s feed based on relevancy. Social networks prioritise the content a user receives in their feed, firstly by what they think you actually want to see. Posts that fit best with what the platform thinks will catch your attention, show up at the top of your feed, while topics you have least interacted with in the past, stay at the bottom.

Different sections, different algorithms
Then, there is also a significant difference between the algorithms applied to different sections, for example, your stories, feed and explore page. This is because according to social media platforms, the reasoning behind visiting each section is different. While your feed mainly shows you posts from people you follow and frequently interact with, without it specifically being in a chronological order, stories makes the most recently posted ones show up first. And again, these are stories from your best friends, family and most interacted accounts. The explore page, as the name suggests, is there to help you discover new accounts and posts. These are also usually related to topics you have shown interest in before.

Put the information into practise
So, how exactly do you keep up with all of this? There are a few ways to match the changing pace that the algorithm is moving at. One option is by joining in with trends. For example, Reels are now becoming more and more popular on Instagram, so the platform appreciates it when you give more exposure to new functions, as this as something they want to promote.

Another way to not get lost in the big social media maze is by posting at recommended times where your followers are most active. You can view what these times are on your profile insights, or you can Google the best times in your area or even worldwide. 

Interaction is key. The ideal way to keep updated with your followers’ interests and to make your posts appear on their page, is by simply asking them questions. There are lots of options to interact with your followers on stories. This can be done with polls, question stickers, countdowns and many other ways. A story like this catches a follower’s attention and maximises the time they spend looking at your content. But most importantly, post what you want (to promote) and what fits your account.

At Manifesto Design we are always happy to help you understand the ways of (social media) marketing, because even when it sounds simple, there is never an instant key to online success. Contact us if you are in need of some support for you or your business.

  • Tirza Cijsouw